CV A set of standard terms, taxonomies and templates that produce CVs for various purposes in research management. Notice of Award The Funding Award agreement (notice of award) is a standard template. It specifies the minimum data required for the business process step where a research-funder announces the results of awards competitions so that universities and colleges can automate the collection of the announcements and subsequent internal business processes there. IRiDiuM The International Research Data Management Glossary (IRiDiuM) is a CASRAI standard glossary. It is meant to be a practical reference for individuals and working groups concerned with the improvement of research data management, and as a meeting place for further discussion and development of terms. The aim is to create a stable and sustainably governed glossary of community accepted terms and definitions, and to keep it relevant by maintaining it as a ‘living document’ that is updated when necessary. Common This area will carry topics and discussion on any new or edited terms added that are common across multiple standard glossaries. This area is moderated not by a single Working Goup but by the CASRAI Editor. Open Access Open access to publications is a key component of the modern research ecosystem, but the international community lacks a clear and unambiguous shared understanding of the key terminology. Several possible inputs exist but need cross reference, and any gaps of confusion should be addressed. This activity would identify a subset of open access terms that are currently causing the most confusion and, through a diverse Working Group of international subject experts, develop agreed definitions for the CASRAI dictionary. Career Levels The CASRAI-UK community has identified a number of issues related to the lack of an accurate and consistent way to classify researchers and scholars by the stage they are at in their career. There is fragmentation in this level of information - across research institutions, research funders, disciplines and countries. In short, how does the community denote ‘research age’? This classification is needed in multiple stages of research information collection: eligibility for funding opportunities, Athena Swan and the Race and Equality Charter Mark. This activity will look at what definitions are currently in place in the UK context to start (REF, ECR, HESA categories, etc.) and what commonalities exist across these contexts them? The output will be a first-draft standard agreed taxonomy. Impact This Working Group (WG) will document how UK universities are currently collecting impact information in their various local software solutions, including commercial and in-house systems and spreadsheets. The WG will also document the various impact reporting information requirements of the UK funders, including REF2014 (the next REF likely to be reasonably similar) and the Researchfish tool. Once we have the above landscape overview the next cycle of work will be to recommend how to move to standardise/harmonise the divergent information requirements. CRediT CRediT (Contributor Roles Taxonomy) is a CASRAI standard taxonomy. The work brings together a diverse set of stakeholders with a common interest in better understanding and communicating the different kinds of contributor roles in research outputs.
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