Admin Burden in Canada Announces CARA a New Co-Chair



Drew Gyorke, University of Toronto has accepted to co-chair the Admin Burden Canada (ABC) Program Committee on behalf of the Canadian Association of Research Administrators (CARA) effective April 2017. Drew takes over the co-chair role from Nathalie Laporte, Executive Director of the Canadian Association University Business Officers (CAUBO) who will remain as an a active member of the ABC Program Committee.

The second co-chair, Janet Halliwell (a lifetime member of CARA and science policy wonk) remarked “we have greatly appreciated Nathalie’s unswerving commitment to reducing undue administrative burden while ensuring effective accountability and look forward to her continued contributions to our work.” In welcoming Drew to this role she said “Drew brings enormous experience with the research administration community across Canada and strong ties with CARA. I look forward to working with him and our many stakeholders on this important endeavour.”

By engaging with CASRAI in the ABC initiative, CARA will bring the collective insights of Canada’s research administration professionals to a timely and important dialogue for all involved in the management of research funding.