Call for Breakout Sessions - CASRAI Reconnect Canada 2018



CASRAI’s Reconnect Canada 2018 conference features two breakout sessions to dive deeper into current and pressing topics. In each 1.5 hour slot there will be three (3) concurrent sessions, for a total of six. We invite ideas for sessions that will advance a proposal, teach a complex subject, host a discussion, launch an initiative, or otherwise engage members to contribute their expertise.

Key dates

  • Call for proposals sent: February 7, 2018
  • Deadline to submit a proposal: March 9, 2018
  • Notice of results: March 23, 2018
  • Reconnect program finalized: March 31, 2018
  • Reconnect 2018: May 23-24, in Ottawa. Breakout sessions are on day 2.

Session objectives

The purpose of the breakout sessions is to raise current and pressing issues for the research community to work on together. The scope of topics can be anything related to CASRAI’s mission, see below. The format of the session could be that of a workshop, a training, a hosted discussion, a working group, or similar. The proposal should explain how your topic is best served by the suggested format. The session can optionally produce a deliverable, such as an action item for CASRAI to follow up, survey results, discussion transcript, a slide deck, a video, etc. A breakout session can involve participation of other organizations, or be a continuation of an ongoing project.

Submission guidelines

Proposals should be submitted by email to

If you would like to get feedback on your idea before submitting, please add a post on the CASRAI forum here:

The proposal should include:

  • Title of the workshop or session being proposed

  • Description of the session. Maximum 500 words.

    • How will the session touch on the RMI topics outlined in the mission below?
    • What format will the session take?
    • Will the session be for a technology audience or a policy/user audience?
    • Recent history of this topic?
    • Participants (optional). What is the profile of an ideal participant in this session? Is there a maximum or minimum number of attendees for this session to be successful?
  • Other people or organizations involved in the session: co-organizers, presenters, panelists. Please include name, email, affiliation, and relevant links for potential collaborators in the session, if applicable.

  • Deliverable (optional): will the session produce any documents that could be used to carry forward the themes of the session.

  • CV of the main organizer(s) of the session; maximum 4 pages.

  • Besides a meeting room and projector, does the session have any special requirements? Examples: video documentation, pre-registration form, teleconferencing.


More research. Less paperwork. Better information.

CASRAI is a small but growing non-profit collective led by research institutions with a simple & innovative solution to a complex management problem. We’re developing a portfolio of standardised and portable business requirements for all the information that flows between researchers and their many funders. We call this ‘Research Management Information’ or RMI for short. It includes things like CVs, Grant Proposals, Budgets, Compliance Reports, Research Data Management Plans and Impacts Reports.

Our mission is to change the way this information is collected and communicated in the research community. Some estimates say around 50% of researchers time is spent on ‘administering’ rather than ‘doing research’ - that’s around $3 billion per year in Canada. Our goal is to move that $3 billion dollar needle by having our open-standards and processes integrated into Funder systems. This includes Council systems like the grants portals and the CCV but also the many provincial and foundation systems that busy Researchers need to interact with.

CASRAI activities are not about information technology - they are about the end-users of the information. So if you’re an end-user please get involved!

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