Call for Input - OCLC/EuroCRIS Survey


Please see below details on a survey launched by OCLC and CASRAI Partner EuroCRIS.


I am writing to invite your research institution to participate in an international survey being conducted by OCLC Research and EuroCRIS.

Broadly defined, research information management (RIM), also commonly known as CRIS (Current Research Information Systems), is the aggregation, curation, and utilization of information about institutional research activities. RIM adoption and practices vary broadly by region and nation, and may include activities such as the collection of an institutional registry of research outputs and impact, faculty activity reporting workflows, and publicly available researcher profiles.

The Survey on Research Information Management Practices provides an opportunity for research institutions to share information about their practices so that we can understand and report on the state of RIM activities, drivers, and practices worldwide. We are interested in learning more about any institutional effort to collect a registry or bibliography of local research activity, for any purpose, and we are particularly keen to learn more about library activities to support RIM. Widespread participation in this survey will help your institution know more about what other institutions are doing, why they are doing it, and how many resources they are allocating.

Survey findings and data will be published CC-BY in 2018.

Who should participate?

  • We invite participation from universities, research institutes, and other organizations supporting research and research management.
  • We encourage your institution to participate in this survey regardless of the status of your RIM implementation–whether you are currently exploring, implementing, or in production.
  • Please complete no more than one survey per institution.

How do I participate?

  • Please complete the survey. A PDF copy is available for your advance review.
  • A Spanish language version will be available in November, thanks to partners at CONCYTEC.
  • The survey will close in early January 2018

Many questions can be addressed by consulting the project web page at or by contacting the project PI Rebecca Bryant at


Thanks, David and as a member of the OCLC/euroCRIS working group which developed this survey I also want to encourage organisations to respond to the survey. It will help all of us working in the RIM arena to understand the level of RIM/CRIS implementation across different countries and regions, the different drivers and structures in place delivering RIM activity. We are keen to try and ensure one response per institution so we recognise this most likely means the Research Office and Library pooling their expertise together - so hopefully the pdf copy of the survey will help with this collaboration.