Career Levels Taxonomy 2017 Working Group starts work



The new CASRAI UK Academic Career Levels Taxonomy WG had its kick-off meeting on a very frosty, foggy January 26th. The WG was established to work on a Standard Glossary and Taxonomy for Academic Career Levels. The CASRAI-UK community identified a lack of a standard taxonomy to classify researchers and scholars by the stage they are at in their career.

At our first meeting, we discussed existing definitions currently in place in the UK context (REF, ECR, HESA categories, etc.) and have explored how we might map these into some groupings which can span across different disciplines and career trajectories, focusing on the attributes of individuals at the various stages in their career.

We are aiming to develop between 6-8 taxonomy stages for academic career stages, focussing initially on those on a research-track. We will stress test the assumptions through additional stakeholder engagement to ensure the draft taxonomy can be used across different disciplines and types of research.

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