CASRAI-CA Reconnect 2018 - seeking volunteers


Dear CASRAI colleagues,

We are working on planning for CASRAI-CA Reconnect 2018 which will be held in Ottawa, ON in May 2018. We are seeking volunteers to serve on the organizing committee, and in particular we are seeking volunteers to:

  • help set the theme for the conference;
  • select and recruit keynote speakers and other presenters;
  • review and provide recommendations on presentation abstracts, and generally contribute to the development of the conference program;
  • coordinate an evening social for conference participants; and
  • be available on-site during the conference to ensure things run smoothly.

We are seeking volunteers with any experience or interest which would help achieve these goals. In addition, we hope to find someone with experience creating videos and using social media to support the event. Please pass on this invitation widely to anyone in your institutions who might be interested in helping out. We’d like to hear from interested volunteers by October 20, 2017 by e-mail to

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you soon!
Kes Morton and Laura Beaupre
CASRAI-CA Reconnect Canada 2018 Co-Chairs


I’d be willing to help out, as part of a team.
I have experience creating videos.
Based in Montreal.


Thank you Ted!

Best regards,