Contributing as a Reviewer



As a reviewer of CASRAI outputs you will be reading one or more topics (which are just web pages with comments) that have been produced by a committee or a task group. Here is a list of the key features of this Forum that you can use to provide feedback to the authors.


Not all feedback needs a full reply. Rather than posting a reply with “Agreed.” or “Sounds good” - instead, just click the ‘like’ button at the bottom of the topic. This saves you time and doesn’t clutter the thread of comments. But if you do agree with something please do like it as this gives positive feedback to authors. Remember that you can ‘like’ the entire topic/page by using the heart button at the very bottom - or you can like individual comments in the topic to support those authors.

Quote Replying

When you have more to say about the topic than a simple ‘like’ then the most effective way to provide feedback is to use your mouse to highlight the passage of text you wish to comment on. When you do this the “Quote” popup will appear; click on it and the system will auto-create a reply for you with that passage of text referenced - just start typing your reply from there.

Replying to Other Replies

If you want to answer a question posted as a reply or you just want to reply to a comment posted - use the reply button immediately below that comment. This will flag you comment as a reply to that specific comment.

Remember that for transparency and so we can credit all contributors to our work you need an account in order to be a reviewer - it’s free and fast and you can use your Google account if you have one.

If you have questions please add a reply below to this topic and someone will answer you.

Happy reviewing!