Forum Basics: Controlling your notifications and email


An added benefit of the forum is how flexible its notifications are. It does a pretty good job with guessing when most people want to get notified by email, but if your needs skew from the mean, with a few clicks you can get just what you want.

The options are fairly self-explanatory, but here are a few things you might not think to look for. Find these options by clicking your avatar and then the :gear: icon.

How much email do you want?

By default, you’ll get an email if someone sends you a personal message (PM), responds directly to something you have written, mentions your username in a post, or mentions a group you are a member of in a post. If you are visiting the site, the forum will give you notifications by flashing a little window and showing numbers next to your avatar. When it thinks that you are visiting the site, by default, it will not clutter your inbox. It determines whether you are “visiting the site” by waiting 10 minutes after you have interacted with it before it sends an email. If you are a data hoarder, and want an email even for messages you have seen already, there is a checkbox for that.

And don’t worry, if you reply to an email that the forum sends you, the Right Thing happens. Reply to a Personal Message and it’ll go to just that person. Reply to a topic post and it’ll be posted in the thread just as if you’d replied on the web site.

Want to be notified in your browser when you’re online?

Like many sites, if you’ll let it, the forum will notify you in real time when someone mentions or replies to you.

Want to know what you’ve missed?

To keep you apprised of what is happening in your community, the forum will email you a summary of what you have missed. By default, it sends one message every two weeks. You can change that to every week, or, as little as 30 minutes (!).

Do you really like email?

Do you miss the good old days of USENET and LISTSERV? The forum can help. Enabling “mailing list mode” will email you every single message, and you can read and respond to them in whatever email client you are using.

Controlling what you watch

You can also control which categories you watch and which ones are muted. You can see them all on your profile page, but on each category page you can control them on a menu like this: