Forum Basics: Writing in Markdown


The forum’s messages are written in a markup language (think HTML or TeX) cleverly called “Markdown.” Markdown is designed to be pretty much what you would do to make headings and emphasis if you were using a typewriter.

You want a new paragraph? Just hit return.

You want a heading? Use some #s

# heading
## subheading
### sub-sub-head
#### And so on





And so on

You want a list? Start a line with a - or a *, so

- one
* two 
- three


  • one
  • two
  • three

You want numbers? Just make the first item in your list have a number. The rest of them don’t matter

1. One
1. two
- three
7. four


  1. One
  2. two
  • three
  1. four

You want to mention someone?

Following the convention of Twitter (and later, Facebook) just type a @ and start tying their name. The forum will suggest users that match and you’ll get something like this @David_Baker. That person will be notified that you mentioned them and others can click to get more information about them.

You can also link to #categories and ##tags

Just type a # and the forum will recommend matches like #standards. It works for tags too, just use two #s, the forum will make recommendations and #taxonomies::tag will display like #taxonomies.

Making links

Want to embed a youtube video (or anything else that follows the standard for embedding)? Just paste in the URL on a line by itself, so, like magic,


Just want people to see a good old fashioned URL that they can click on? Stick a space or a dash in front of it.

Good old links

[Google]( "Hover to see this text")


How do I upload images?

The future is now. If you copy an image, just do a familiar ^V and the image will be uploaded and inserted into the message. You can also drag and drop images from your file manager.

Embedded code

If you want to include code, you can put ``` on a blank line before and after your code and get something like this:

for x in one two three
  echo $x

That’s complicated, can’t I just click on some icons?

Yes. The editor has familiar icons that will insert the things needed to make things **bold**, or *italic*.

See this demo for some more examples.


This is helpful


@Kes_Morton, here is the markdown tutorial stuff I found helpful


Also, check out the Discobot tutorial. You can either send this in a PM to @discobot, or mention it in a post like this:

@discobot start new user


@KatieCook FYI