June 2017 - IRIDIUM (RDM) Standard Glossary Review - NOW CLOSED


The International Research Data Management (IRiDiuM) Glossary is meant to be a practical reference for individuals and working groups concerned with the improvement of research data management, and as a meeting place for further discussion and development of terms. The aim is to create a stable and sustainably governed standard glossary of community accepted terms and definitions, and to keep it relevant by maintaining it as a ‘living document’ that is updated when necessary. Definitions should be clear and unambiguous, and where possible, fit with common usage. Definitions should be apposite across research data management activities of key stakeholders, including, but not limited to: researchers/authors, research management, research policy, computer science, IM/IT, research administration, libraries; scholarly publishers, and research funders. Some terms may have more than one definition, in which case the relevant context should be specified. The WG delivered a subset of new and edited terms for addition to the IRIDUM Glossary.

See this post for background on the Open Review. This review is open until June 30, 2017. The proposed new standard glossary terms are NOW READY for review and can be found listed here:


To comment on any term in the list of terms linked above you can either click the blue “Reply” button at the bottom or select a passage of text in the term and click the “Quote” pop-up to create a comment about that section only.

FAIR data
Reusable data
Interoperable data
Data visualization
Useful data
Preservation librarian
Repository manager
Data consumer
Data curator
Research data librarian
Systems librarian
Information professional
Records manager
Data manager
Metadata librarian
Data owner
Data producer
Data steward
Data professional
Findable data
Geographic Information System
Geospatial data
Missing data
One-way hashing
Open Archival Information System
Open information
Research article
Research data
Research data article
Research dataset
Research metadata
Secure data enclave
Trusted digital repository
Accessible data
Annotated data
Archival Information Package
Chief Executive Officer
Cross-cultural data
Data archiving
Data collection
Data format
Data granule
Data management plan
Data management software
Data package
Data preservation
Data production
Data quality review
Data rescue
Data retention
Digital data curation
Disciplinary metadata


@simonh Could you please edit the intro text above to indicate that the deadline is extended to July 10, 2017? Thanks.


This page is for open peer review of the new terms to be added to the glossary. To see all of the terms previously added to the glossary, go here http://dictionary.casrai.org/Category:Research_Data_Domain


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