Meeting Notes - CASRAI-UK Steering Ctte - September 27


To the community: After a very productive first year, the CASRAI-UK chapter is embarking on the next round of work to build on the outputs from 2016/17 covering Impact, Open Access and Career Levels, as well as establishing a new UK-led group to work on a standard for ‘Notice of Award’. We welcome our new Impact Working Group Chair, Julie Bayley and bid farewell to Sally Rumsey (Open Access) and Claire Bloomfield (Career Levels) and thank them for their excellent work as Chairs. We are already planning for our ReconnectUK18 conference in early summer 2018 and look forward to working with existing and new colleagues to make year 2 as successful as year 1. See below the notes from our first Steering Committee meeting of the new work cycle - Anna

Meeting Notes - CASRAI-UK Steering Ctte - September 27

Meeting Chair: Anna Clements,

Present: Bev, David, Valerie M, Sebastian, Simon, Julie, Helen
Apols: Sally Rumsey, Chris Brown

Notes from Meeting

Welcome and Approval of Minutes & Business Arising - AC

  • First meeting form the very success Re-connect meeting in June
  • Bev is the new deputy chair. (as Anna is now Chair).
  • Reviewed agreed wording in Snowball Metrics Recipe Book - still to be published. This wording was agreed with Snowball. [NB Thomson Reuters is now Clarivate - to be edited]. The next snowball ctte meeting is towards the end of the calendar year. There is a clamour from the sector for this - would like to see something sooner rather than later.

Update on Open Call and WGs for 2017/18 - DB

  • Groups were not able to finalise Call wordings over the summer due to summer leaves etc. Chairs of the 3 CASRAI chapters agreed to skip the combined Open Call and, instead, launch their 2017/18 Working Groups and leave it to each group to self-promote and recruit. But there were delays due to holidays, so in the future need to have the call text ready before the summer - ie directly from the Re-connect conferences, rather than wait. They should be outputs of the re-connects.
  • WGs continuing - Impact (Julie), Open Access (Sally is stepping down… Valerie could take it up… but will look wider), Career Levels (Claire Bloomfield may not be able to chair right now - so Val Woof may do it), CRediT (Intnl - Helen, and Simon - Simon to step down to focus on his new role as CASRAI International Board Chair, some options for new chairs),
  • Proposed New WG - Notice of Award (Simon maybe to lead, US movement, and CA work already, cf Funding Results Pilot)
  • Hope to have a starting of October for the working groups for the coming annual cycle of work.

CASRAI Forum walkthrough - DB

  • There are some videos… take a look, they are bite sized, and hopefully useful. If anyone has an issues in creating accounts, please point them at David who will help.
  • There is a wiki, CMS, forum and mailing lists. All CASRAI communications and collaboration through this new tool.
  • Remember that after creating an account on the forum - people must inform Secretariat to set the appropriate permissions; this is only for private groups, public groups are self-joinable from the Forum.

OECD call - AC

CASRAI-UK Reconnect 2018 - AC

  • One option is to co-locate with INORMS (4-8 June) in Edinburgh. Not supported: Audiences are different… so have separate.
  • Aim for a separate event either end of June or sometime in mid May.
  • Also decided on format - two half days with an evening poster session with networking dinner.

Other Business - All

  • Communications - need to have a named UK Steering Ctee comms person, who will lead comms/outreach and make sure that things go out… and if they want write some stuff themselves too.
  • Glasgow now use and advocate CRediT.
  • CRediT needs some more display back info (again maybe icons) for when authors have selected contributor roles. It would also be good for CRISs to support the CRediT standard.
  • Valerie and Simon are on UUK OA groups - please let us know of any messages.
  • Julie is working with Emerald publishing on Impact… again there may be some synergy there.

Actions from Meeting

  1. ACTION - Anna - to fish out the “what is needed from a WG chair” - esp re Career Levels and Open Access - and ensure reach out to Val, and through Valerie, respectively
  2. ACTION Sebastian to contact James and Val at Durham
  3. ACTION - Simon - sort out Notice of Award - just get it kicked off.
  4. ACTION Anna to convene a small group to decide on dates for Re-connect. ASAP Location too - but not as important. Maybe London.
  5. ACTION Julie - check details of Coventry campus in London. Also Valerie??? maybe check with Symplectic re the King’s Cross venue.

Next meetings… agreed to meet every month. 2pm last Tuesday of every month. DONE