Meeting Notes - EU Steering Cttee - October 31, 2017


Date: October 31, 2017
Time: 2:00 to 3:00 (CET)

Members: Ligia Ribeiro (Porto, Portugal, Chair), Kristoffer Lindell (Emea, Sweden, Deputy-Chair), Igmar Schmidt (Humbolt, Germany), John Donovan (DIT, Ireland, Member - CASRAI International Board),

Partners: Ed Simons (EuroCRIS, EU Association)

Guests: Najet Hadri (Pasteur, Tunisia), David Baker (CASRAI Office)

Apologies: Joao Moreira (FCT, Portugal, Funder), Maria Nazare (IBICT, Brasil) Simon Kerridge (UK, Chair - CASRAI International Board),

Meeting Notes

Approvals - Agenda, Notes from last meeting

  • Agenda approved
  • No notes from last meeting; notes being captured starting with this call

Chapter Work

  • Research Classification - Brazil partners very engaged on this topic and have started an analysis
    Have produced an analysis document. Action: Ligia to check with Maria if we can share the document. EuroCRIS is developing a catalogue of standards; perhaps CASRAI-EU should collaborate with them. Question: is Frascati being considered? There are many classification systems. Local cases: Sweden using Frascati; but good to have many initiatives - but how to collaborate as there are gaps as the science fields advance but the classification does not. Proposed that CASRAI-EU drafts a paper to capture the issues and to propose scenarios to address; agreed. Action: David will start this and set it up; will also post a copy of the current CASRAI Classification taxonomy.

  • Funder CV - A common schema to share between funders and between university and funders
    Need to decide the division of roles between CASRAI-EU and EuroCRIS. CERIF task group a key participant. Need to develop a work plan and link our work to Science Europe. Agreed that two collaborating groups will jointly execute the project: a business content WG convened by CASRAI-EU and a technical group (CERIF Task Group). Action: At Bratislava the leads of the two orgs will discuss logistics and project planning. Action: David to confirm with Ed on roles between partners DONE.

Chapter Business

  • ReconnectEU18 planning. Currently seeking a date/venue. Considering the Monday before the EARMA conference (in Brussels on April 16, 2018). Action: Kristoffer to confirm details with John; also to confirm with John government outreach
  • Outreach campaign & messaging. Action: SC to review new messaging and advise/improve to suit the EU context; by November 7.


  • Tunisia project/new chapter proposal with the support of CASRAI-EU. To be discussed by email.