Meeting Notes - UK Steering Cttee - October 31, 2017


Date: October 31, 2017
Time: 2:00 to 3:00 (GMT)

Members: Anna Clements (St Andrews, Chair), Bev Jones (Lincoln, Deputy-Chair, OA Chair), Valerie McCutcheon (Glasgow, Past-Chair), Becky Gordon (Lancaster), Jenny Stergiou (Leeds), Sally Rumsey (Oxford), Sebastian Palucha (Durham)

Partners: Chris Brown (Jisc)

Guests: Julie Bayley (Coventry, Impacts Chair), David Baker (CASRAI Office)

Apologies: Dan Cook (HESA, Career Levels Chair), Simon Kerridge (Kent, CASRAI Board Chair), Lotte Boon (Oxford), Owen Roberson (Cambridge), Helen Newnham (Bristol)

Notes from Meeting

Approvals - Agenda, Notes from last meeting

Chapter Work

  • Thanks to all outgoing and incoming chairs.
  • Open Access WG: Bev Jones will chair
  • Impacts WG: Julie Bayley will chair
  • Career Levels WG: Dan Cook will chair
  • David Baker has had a call with Dan to explain process. He will also update other chairs. Will include discussion on how to invite new members in to the working groups and inform wider community how they can get involved.
  • Notice of Award - not yet a WG but any status updates. Mainly U.S. and Canada so far. Not expecting this will start this November but awareness raising will continue. First draft exists developed by Canadian chapter who are engaging with their funders to discuss implementation and interoperability. RCUK and various UK research organisations have indicated interest. May take some time whilst UKRI amend their systems and establish organisational structure. David noted important to have sufficient research organisation support for the concept. Action: Simon and other members on working groups continue to discuss with funders to keep this on the radar and feed back to CASRAI UK SC. Action: Research Organisations can mention to their suppliers

Next tranche of working group activity will take place Nov-April. Action: David to link to the timeframe for the forthcoming work cycles so Steering Group can see this DONE.

Chapter Business

  • Member fees payments for current year. A number of Members are late with payments. CASRAI Office will be chasing. All members agree credit card payment should not be an issue.

  • ReconnectUK18 - planning updates. Possible venues: Coventry London Campus, Glasgow, Leeds. Action: VM to explore room options and catering costs etc <100 people expected. Dates: Possibly two full days or two half days. Week of 25th June or previous week two days.

  • Outreach Campaign and New Messaging. Action: Steering Group members to review these documents and add any suggested improvements using comments button by 7th November. New website, logo and email campaign will be run by CASRAI Office. Action: David will coordinate the campaign and provide updates and requests for action from the Steering Committees. Action: Steering Group members to add to possible contacts list below. Action: David will tidy this and add list of existing members.


  • Discussed changing the date of the November call. Action: David will poll for alternative time.
  • Jenny and Anna have been chasing up Snowball discussions and hoping they will move forward soon.
  • UUK OA Coordination workshop recommending working on jargon and terminology with CASRAI as key support mechanism for this.