Open Access Glossary 2017 Working Group starts work



The CASRAI-UK Open Access (OA) Working Group (WG) met for the first time on 17th January 2017. The aim of the group is to produce a standard glossary of terms pertinent to open access (OA) to scholarly publications to aid clarity and to avoid confusion. The WG will deliver a draft glossary with a first set of terms & definitions for open review and comment by the wider community in April 2017, before publication in the CASRAI dictionary. Definitions will be clear and unambiguous, and where possible, fit with common usage. Definitions should be apposite across the OA activities of key stakeholders, including, but not limited to: researchers/authors; HEI research administration; libraries; scholarly publishers; research funders.

The WG comprises subject experts and practitioners working in the UK OA environment. The first meeting included a brainstorming activity where key OA terms were listed and divided into overarching categories. Over the next two weeks, WG members will each work on a small number of terms before sharing their work with the entire group in week 3. Further refinement and checking, matching, merging, mapping and de-duplication will take place, with sources referenced where appropriate.

The work is not being undertaken in isolation. Existing definitions and uses of terms will be sourced to enable a holistic examination of context and uses. Such sources may include (but is not limited to) use by research groups and organizations including funding agencies, groups of OA experts and practitioners, publishers, organizations involved with existing standards, and support organizations such as Jisc.

The final output, a glossary of OA terms in the CASRAI dictionary, will be freely available for wide dissemination and adoption by the research performing community.

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