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Short Definition: A manuscript draft after it has been peer reviewed.

Extended Definition:

Synonyms: Author’s Accepted Manuscript


Related Terms:


Term Lead: Danny Kingsley


Could “Document Version” be a related term here?

Would we want to distinguish between this and the marked up publisher’s version (with page numbers, volume and issue number)? There is a clear implication in the definition of AAM that i) post-print/AMM and ii) published article/version of record are two distinct versions, but no separate definition that I could see of “Publisher version”.


This is the term that most confuses authors. Should we explain that the AAM/post-print is the one that has been agreed with the editor at the point of firm acceptance, where the content is essentially the same as the published article but without the publisher’s typesetting or copy-editing. And also state that the accepted manuscript is not the same as the copy-edited, typeset or published paper – these versions are known as ‘proofs’ or ‘versions of record’ and publishers do not normally allow authors to make these open access.‌ (as in HEFCE FAQ )


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