Presenting CASRAI to Information Science students


I’ve been invited to give a talk to information science students at McGill in February.

InfoNexus is an annual conference at McGill University run by the School of Information Studies students. Every year, it brings information specialists together in the city of Montreal (Quebec), Canada to network and discuss various Information Studies topics.

I’d like to give them a primer on CASRAI and it’s major activities. Any suggestions of topics to cover or existing resources I could use in the presentation would be most welcome. (I may be giving a similar presentation at Reconnect in May, so this will be a useful first draft.)


This sounds great, Ted. We can definitely get you some existing materials. Can you give me a deadline?


Thanks David!
The event is February 2.
How’s January 5 as a deadline?


Can you give me until Jan. 11?




I presented at the Infonexus conference last week.
I included a section about CASRAI, and a number of other orgs.
Link to program:
LInk to my slides:


Great slide deck Ted – thanks for sharing and mentioning CASRAI


Nice deck. Thank you for sharing! Claire.