Reconnect 2017 Attendees Notes and Comments


Yes, here is a link to the slides:


That’s a great point. The next release (next week) of terms will include many of these common terms; and more will be needed.


Add any new terms right to this Forum thread.


We think it is feasible - but it needs cooperation from the stakeholders, tech and business.


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A link to the Federal Demonstration Project in the US:

In response to a question from @jrlivernois


@janeth starting to talk now about the Admin Burden in Canada project - and its evolution.





@janeth on progress on ABC - Admin Burden Canada Initiative
- Reminder - we have a Casrai toolbox already, including a dictionary, picklists, templates (Research Data Management Plan, CV, Research Outputs Report, etc.)
- There is still work to do
- ABC also made an inventory of issues of pain points, players/stakeholders/partners
○ Recruitment, personnel, program design, financial compliance, post award management, scholarly communication, etc.
- CASRAI was a key catalyst on getting ORCID up and running
- Other initiative - moving forward on funding results pilot - direct transfer of results between funders and institutions
○ Led by the university of toronto
- Maybe we need to think about rebranding ourselves - not reducing admin burden, but more about enhancing research productivity


Will anyone be speaking about the new ORCID-CA consortium currently being set up?


Yes, this afternoon.


@DrewGyorke U of T, repping CARA

Working to engage CARA membership research administration innovation
Encouraging the members themselves to discover solutions
More proactive message needed

Not all administrative burdens are about how we interact with our funders - some of them are imposed internally. In order to ask agencies to reduce admin burden, need to also ask ourselves how we can reduce our own admin burden


Now @helena to talk about the PLOS implementation of the CASRAI CRediT standard.


Link to the CREDIT standard:


2 questions:

Isn’t there some risk that the CRediT role becomes a political football bickered over like author order can be? Was this a consideration in designing the standard, or PLoS’ implementation?

Can CRediT be integrated with ORCID? They would seem to be complimentary standards.


@helena PLOS Director Publishing Services

(Slides will be available after)

14 roles offered currently, will be reviewing

PLOS will be requiring CRediT
Corresponding author assigns roles
Data is captured at submission
Not going to be capturing the ‘degree’ of contribution
Not offering an ‘other’ category

There is a plugin for Orcid


Perhaps @helena can comment?


Now @austinc talking about the Canada-led IRIDIUM project at CASRAI.