ReconnectUK17 Event notes


Reconnect UK 2017 Annual Meeting
June 22/23 - London

Venue: Room 1.10 Franklin-Wilkins Building, Stamford Street, London SE1 9NH

Wifi: to be posted on Day 1

CASRAI Reconnect chapter meetings are nationally-focused, annual opportunities for those from universities interested in research management to come together with research-funders, publishers, solution providers and other experts - all to network and develop pragmatic, standards-based approaches to making research information more efficient and effective throughout the research management lifecycle…

1230-1315 Registration, Lunch, networking
1315-1330 Welcome & Announcements - Chairs
1330-1415 Keynote Speaker:

Dr Ian Lyne, Director of Research & Innovation, Lancaster University
(CASRAI-IanLyne22June2017.pptx (553.9 KB))

1415-1445 Open Access Working Group Progress Report
1445-1515 Networking Break with refreshments
1515-1545 Impact Working Group Progress Report
1545-1615 Career Levels Working Group Progress Report
1615-1650 Other updates:

1930 start Social Evening

0900-0930 Networking w/refreshments
0930-0950 Interoperability - Researchfish
0950-1050 CASRAI 101 - Standards Development Introduction
1050-1110 Networking Break with /refreshments
1110-1215 Mini brainstorming session (bring your issues)
1215-1230 Wrap up
1230-1330 Networking Lunch

Slides and other downloads:

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A successful Reconnect for the UK!

Ian Lyne about to start his keynote.



Ian Lyne, how does change happen in Universities? You need a group of really engaged individuals working together. Very true!


ROH project: thorny issues in research outcomes (admin data) collection:

  • Info structure
  • common question set
  • data quality and standards
  • business models… who pays?


Forces resisting change:

  • the technical nature of the area
  • how to engage the right senior managers - who can play the interface role to them?
  • is there an existing overarching ‘research committee’ at your institution?
  • communications to researchers also important


A group of technical experts who can feed into the right senior managers and committees.

But don’t underestimate the technical challenges / forces of resistance.

Need comms strategy


CASRAI at its core is about maximising the time that researchers have to do research - efficiency. This is a strong message which speeds to the agenda of funding bodies.


ORCID is chicken and egg. When more people take it up it will be more useful, but people want to see the benefits before they take it up.

Are there legal or data protection issues in mandating ORCID?


David_Baker it is very unfortunate that the concept of a unique ID has been conflated with software.

As a community can we find a way to keep these things seperate in future?

Data should be portable, including IDs


Sally Rumsey next with an update from the 2017 CASRAI-UK Open Access WG.



Sally Rumsey on the CASRAI working group on open access : “We realised that were all referring to the same thing but using different terminology”.

This is one of the core problems that #CASRAI-UK is working to resolve!


Just a few terms to consider.


Half the room busy tackling OA terms…


…the other half: doing the same.


More UK voting, but for OA terms and definitions.


Time for an afternoon break.


Anna Clements starting to talk about Impacts WG