ReconnectUK17 Event notes


The major tools used in the UK to collect impacts data were surveyed by the WG.


Anna Clements starts to talk about CASRAI-UK Impacts.


We need to ensure all terms used within our definitions are clear and as precise as possible and perhaps give examples otherwise e.g.‘description’ of impact open to wide interpretation



Suggestion to ensure worked with Vertigo Ventures in impact taxonomy



They should be encouraged to contribute their model as a proposed element in these open standards.


Yes we can speak to Laura.


Lots of debate about the efficacy (or otherwise) of impact taxonomies…


Laura is on the delegate list, and so might perhaps be here later / tomorrow?


Yes. If not can follow up. Had a good long chat with her at ARMA.




Lots of linked activity. Personally I think most are seperate entities but linked - let’s try to define them.




Career levels done in stages as job descriptions and titles felt to be too varied.


Education, Training, Consolidation, Exploration etc. Some career stage terms capturing progression and providing food for thought.


Permadoc - not in a ‘stage’ maybe ‘stability’ would be good additional info for folk at that stage.


I agree - progression makes it sounds like you’ll be moving on - better to change the term I think