Rolling out a new CASRAI logo with new websites


Hi everyone,

Between now and the summer we will be overhauling (completely or partially) all of our web properties:

  • main corporate website
  • product/project landing pages
  • Reconnect websites
  • online dictionary
  • online documentation/guides
  • online Forum

The first of these new websites will launch starting next week. With this work you will start to see the new CASRAI logo here and there.

Our old logo (the stack of orange and black dots coming into order from chaos) has always presented various challenges in different sizes and formats. But these were never challenging enough to warrant the time and expense of a change. But all of the upcoming online changes seems to me a good opportunity to make some updates.

Before I briefly explain the design inspirations here is the new logo in colour and black and white versions (some of you will already have seen it as you’ve been helping with the new websites):



Design Considerations

The logo was created via a winning submission to a competition hosted at 99Designs ( The key element of the logo design is the simple circular combination of the two partial circle shapes. This simple treatment was meant to convey multiple themes that are integral to the CASRAI mission:

  1. A big letter ‘c’ serves multiple functions: it is the first letter in our name (consortia); it is also the first letter in many aspects of our mission (collective, collaborative, community, connecting, etc.); it is also a permanent historical nod to our founding country (Canada).

  2. The darker shaded inner shapes (formed by the intersecting ‘c’ shapes) are universal icons for people and people discussing and evolving requirements are at the absolute centre of our mission; it’s an added bonus that two person icons intersect in the logo: this joining of minds is a key part of what we do.

  3. Finally, the outer ‘c’ intersecting with the inner shape of a person icon also creates a horizontal symbol very much like the universal symbol for an electrical connector - again, though not the heart of our mission, without electronic software systems adopting our open standards, our work cannot solve the problems we are aiming to solve.

In addition to the above core design considerations I wanted some added benefit from the new logo:

  • the outer ‘c’ also supports a future branding step of enclosing the product/standard icons I hope to roll out this year
  • the logo works well at large, medium or small sizes
  • the logo works in both colour and black/white

So please stay tuned to this space for updates as we roll out our new (and improved) web properties over the coming weeks and months.