Seeking volunteers to help edit the CASRAI Standard Newsletter


We are back to being able (technically) to produce a quarterly email newsletter for all things CASRAI (and also all things generally related to information used for managememt purposes in research). But I need some help in sourcing, curating and editing content from people who are active in research managememt. I’d like a mix of people from multiple countries to bring their unique perspectives.

We would work online in between your work duties and not to schedule calls unless needed. The goal is a quarterly release.

If you can help please like this post or email me at



So I guess you want something from me!


Only your excellent editorial skills. Stay tuned as we see who else steps up.


Ok… :wink:


Ok. Count on me if I can help.




Thanks, Kristoffer - I know you are volunteering for a lot right now within CASRAI and CASRAI-EU. I don’t want to over-burden you but greatly appreciate the help. That now gives us two views from Europe and two from UK. Hoping for some North and South American editors and having a view into African developments and unique challenges would be great. I’m leaving out many countries - especially in Asia and Australia/New Zealand - but I don’t think we have many people from there yet in our community.


Perfect, I’m sign up for this initiative.