Topics for 2/6 conf call: FORCE11 2018 conf; need review for my book chapter



Hi All,

I will be on the bi-monthly call tomorrow, I just wanted to pass on a few things.

Book chapter:
I think you recall I have been working on a book chapter (Contributorship and Authorship Hierarchy as a Form of Credit) that includes the CRediT Taxonomy. I submitted my draft to ACS last Friday. I have permission to have the CRediT Programme Committee review it. I think it is ok but it could really use review by people more familiar with CRediT than I am. Anybody willing to review it (only 12 pages of text)??

FORCE11 Conference:
Force11 is having their 2018 conference in Montreal, likely in October:
They are soliciting feedback on dates, and topics.

I suggested the conference would be a great time for Project CRedit, the FORCE11 Attribution Working Group, OpenVIVO, and others working to make author contributions transparent and a part of scholarly communications get together. I also mentioned I would be very interested in presenting, planning and or participating in this.
What do you all think?


Hi Cory!
That all sounds great to me! Really glad to hear about the progress on the chapter and the Force11 conference sounds ideal!
PS Happy to look at the chapter depending on your timescales (this week is a nightmare)


Hi Cory,
Hope that you are fine. I’ve recently joined the community but am very interested to see the chapter if possible.
Kind regards,