Trusted digital repository


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Short Definition: An online facility enabling deposit, discovery, and access to resources that are in digital form.

Extended Definition: An online facility enabling deposit, discovery, and access to resources that are in digital form. An infrastructure component that provides reliable, long-term access to managed digital resources. It stores, manages, and curates digital objects and returns their bit streams when a request is issued. Trusted repositories undergo regular assessments according to a set of rules such as defined by Data Seal of Approval (DSA) or TRAC (ISO 16363). It is well understood that such an assessment has the potential of increasing trust from its depositors and users, but it will not be the only criterion for users. Repositories can be at different stages of assessments. However, it is evident that certain quality criteria need to be met to distinguish trusted repositories from all types of other entities that store data such as notebooks or lab servers. Many academic and research libraries are actively engaged in building digital collections of books, papers, theses, media, and other works of interest to the institution served, as a means of preserving and disseminating scholarly information. Usually locally authored or produced, content can be either born digital or reformatted. Access is generally unrestricted, in compliance with the Open Archives Initiative (OAI) protocol for metadata harvesting, which makes such archives interoperable and cross-searchable. An online facility that offers capabilities for depositing, discovering, and accessing resources that are in digital form. Such resources can be born digital or digitized and might include manuscripts, presentations, data, images, or audio visual recordings. Resource descriptions are provided to enable discovery, indexing, and harvesting.

Synonyms: Online Library, Online Archive, Digital Library


Related Terms: Institutional repository,


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