Update: Career Levels Taxonomy Working Group - second meeting



The CASRAI UK Academic Career Levels Taxonomy WG regrouped on 1st March to review the work developed remotely in the last month. The WG has used the MRC Career Framework as a straw man to develop our thinking of the 6-8 taxonomy stages for academic career stages, focusing initially on those on a research-track.

We have defined 7 career stages; with a range of descriptors focusing on the attributes and skills an individual would be expected to have at each stage of their career. We continue to pull in existing knowledge from the work of Vitae and others to ensure this build on existing knowledge and also can be fit for purpose across different disciplines.

As anticipated by the group, the most challenging definitions were developing a description of those individuals often described as early career stage researchers. We focused discussion in this area and considered how we can help make this stage more clearly defined and what the attributes of an individual may be across a range of activities(technical skills; grantsmanship and publications; networking and recognition; teaching and training; impact; and administrative functions.

We will use these kinds of activities across the taxonomy to refine the competencies and attributes further before we regroup again in April.