Update on book chapter & will miss 5/29 conf call,



Hi All,

I have 2 updates:

  1. I will be out of town next week and will miss the 5/29 conference call, sorry.

  2. Helen had asked for an update on the publication of my chapter. I got the final acceptance for publication a few weeks ago. The book is supposed to be out sometime this summer, I believe June or July.

-cory craig
UC Davis


Hi All,

Thanks to Cory for the updates! Congratulations on the acceptance for publication!

We will cancel the May 29 meeting due to scheduling issues. Will send an updated meeting invite soon.




Thanks Alison,

Also – I meant to forward the email/info below. Is this something CRediT should get involved with?


Joint Roadmap for Open Science Tools:

…exciting new initiative in which a group of organizations building nonprofit, open-source tools for scholarship and publication has joined with open-science researchers in a new collaboration to develop a Joint Roadmap for Open Science Tools (JROST).


How to Join:

The JROST community welcomes participation from everyone committed to advancing nonprofit, open-source tools for science. Visit our participants repository for instructions on how you or your project/organization can join JROST’s formal participants.