Video: Reading, Liking and Replying


The core business of the Forum is collaboration - and that means reading, liking and and replying to the posts of others.

  1. On the main page you will see the categories and subcategories of content - Select any post from the main page or from a category. The reading interface is (we hope) pretty straightforward.
  2. If you enjoy what you read by the author let them know by clicking the “Like/Heart” button. This will give them instant positive feedback. This is faster than replying with “OK” or “Great” or “I agree”.
  3. If you want to reply in more detail to the author you have 3 key options:
  4. Reply Option 1: Click the blue “Reply” button at the very end of the post. This adds your general thoughts to the post.
  5. Reply Option 2: Click the clear “Reply” button that appears after each threaded comment. This is how you reply to that very specific comment in the overall thread.

Did you know? CASRAI's Forum has very helpful video resources